More than 170,000 owners leverage their shares in Bluegreen Vacations' Bluegreen Vacation Club to visit resorts and destinations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Founded in 1966, Bluegreen Vacations maintains a deeded and points-based ownership program and in conjuction with Choice Hotels and Bass Pro Shops offers vacation sites that cater to a wide variety of travelers. 

Families interested in history, for instance, can use their ownership in Bluegreen Vacations to visit historical sites throughout the Southern United States. The company’s resort in St. Augustine, Florida, provides access to the United States’ oldest European settlement with continuous occupation. Its Parkside Williamsburg Resort and Patrick Henry Square destinations in Williamsburg, Virginia, provide visitors with a chance to see actors portraying 18th-century life in Colonial Williamsburg. Furthermore, The Studio Homes at Ellis Square, Bluegreen’s Savannah, Georgia, destination, offers access to the grid-based construction and 24 public squares of the city’s historic district, planned out by General James Edward Oglethorpe and his colonists in 1733.


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